Recent Earthquakes On West Coast Have Scientists Sounding Alarm on 'The Big One'

As someone who was born in California, I have first-hand experience of the earthquakes that plague the West Coast.

At this point, it's just become commonplace for people to expect it. Fortunately, they're usually not very big so not many people get hurt. Just recently, from December 23rd through Christmas Day, 9 earthquakes shook the West Coast; the most powerful being a 6.2 magnitude earthquake.

But some experts are thinking that with all of the unusual seismic activity there, "The Big One" may be here sooner than we think.

I think punk rock band Rancid said on their song Antennas from their 2000 self-title album,

"So with no evacuation, Let California fall in the f**king ocean."

But how likely is it really that a huge disaster like this could happen? Could a massive earthquake knock the Golden State right off of the map?

Scientists say that a massive earthquake that would wipe out much of California is long overdue.

Because of the extreme damage that a major west coast seismic event would do to our economy and to our Internet infrastructure, all of our lives will dramatically change the moment it happens. So it is understandable why so many people are alarmed by the tremendous shaking that we have witnessed over the past few days. As Americans all over the country were celebrating Christmas, the state of California was shaken by 9 significant earthquakes, and farther north the city of Vancouver was rattled by a magnitude 6.3 quake…

A series of earthquakes on Christmas Eve and before dawn Christmas morning hit around California, and a much bigger 6.3 quake shook off Vancouver.

At least nine earthquakes in 24 hours reaching up to 3.2 magnitude shook California from the Los Angeles area north to Chico, the U.S. Geological Survey reports.

The other quakes in the swarm ranged from 2.5 to 3.0 magnitude and stretched the length of the state, according to the USGS.