Rand Paul Blasts Trump Administration in SHOCKING New Statement

Republican Senator Rand Paul has been a strong defender of President Trump overall, even after running against him in the primary election back in 2016.

He’s also never been the person to shy away from criticizing the President when warranted also and always speaks his mind.

This last week he felt the need to rock the boat, so he wasn’t about to shy away from doing so.

When it comes to foreign policy, Rand, just like his father Ron Paul, has definitely been more of an anti-warmonger and both have very different views on foreign policy than many conservatives, they would actually line up more with my personal views.

This past Sunday on Meet The Press, Paul was asked about the congressional briefings on the airstrike on Qasem Soleiman. His response didn’t exactly make the Trump administration look the greatest:

Paul said, “I think we’ve heard contradictory information. We’ve heard from the secretary of state that they don’t know where or when but it was imminent. That to me does seem inconsistent. He thinks he can square the circle but to me it seems pretty inconsistent.”

He added, “To me there’s a bigger question too, though, and this is what infuriated me about the briefing is they maintain both in private and in public that a vote by Congress in 2003 or 2002 to go after Saddam Hussein was a vote that allows them to still be in Iraq and do whatever they want, including killing a foreign general from Iran. And I don’t think that’s what Congress meant in 2002. Nor do I think one generation can bind another generation. So my point in being for this war powers debate is that we really need to have a debate about whether we should still be in Iraq or Afghanistan, and there needs to be authorization from Congress.” (Breitbart)

Watch the interview with Rand Paul below: