Proud Boys Make Public Announcement on White Supremacy, Liberals Lose Their Minds!

While the left is busy continually trying to attack the President for “refusing” to condemn white supremacy, his record and his actual words suggest the complete opposite.

President Trump has a history of condemning white supremacy and even the KKK in specific. He’s even wanting them designated as a terrorist organization.

Liberals are jumping on the narrative that Proud Boys is a white supremacist organization. Well, this prompted them to speak out about it themselves, and liberals are having a fit.

Thad, who is the leader of the Salt Lake City chapter of the organization went on TV to publicly denounce white supremacists. He’s a black man by the way. This should be the first clue that they’re not white supremacists.

Thad said,

“The Proud Boys as a whole, I will say this on behalf of the entire national organization, denounce white supremacy. We are in way, shape or form white supremacists. We have a vetting system that just gets those guys out of our hair.”

Just calling someone racist doesn’t make them racist. It ABSOLUTELY BLOWS my mind that there are people that dumb out there who just can not be rational and reasoned with.

I was having a discussion earlier this week about the statement President Trump made and the Proud Boys organization with a liberal friend of mine.

He had initially said,

When asked if he would condemn white supremacist groups such as the Proud Boys, the president’s message to them was, “Stand back and stand by.”
This is not a condemnation. This is an order.

So he was calling Proud Boys a white supremacist organization, so I challenged him on it and gave him multiple opportunities to show some hard evidence that they are a white supremacist organization. I told him, in all seriousness, I’m prepared to be corrected and concede they’re a white supremacist organization if you can provide me with some solid evidence showing that they are.

So he linked me to an article from the Washington Post in which they call them a white supremacist organization…

This is not evidence. Again, calling something one thing with no supporting evidence doesn’t make it so. But I digress.

However, this is what liberals kept doing even following the statement from Thad. They said things like,

“Stop giving a platform to racists, thanks”

“Sure Klan”

“Have you ever considered that maybe if you have to keep vetting your membership for white supremacists and keep disavowing white supremacy that maybe the problem is with the group itself somehow being so consistently prone to this specific type of confusion? Just a thought…”

Following even this speech, he later met with Black Lives Matter and they denounced white supremacy together.

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