Protesters Paint Blue Line Over Black Lives Matter Street Graffiti While Police Protect Them (VIDEO)

Sometimes I wonder if we’re not on the brink of the next civil war. I don’t believe it would be a huge gun battle or anything, but there is so much division in our country right now, it’s unreal.

On one side of things, you have a group that is vandalizing everything they see, taking over cities, intrudinge on private property, stealing, raping, and murdering people just to make sure that you know that black lives matter…or at least that’s the reason they’re feeding the public.

Let me make this clear, I don’t know a single person who believes that black lives don’t matter, which his why you so often hear others saying that all lives matter. It’s out of genuine care for all living people.

I understand both sides of that argument though. If you say all lives matter, they see it as taking the emphasis away from something that they think is currently going on, but at the same time there are people who don’t believe that black people are being specifically targeted. Terrorists are destroying our country because a cop killed a black man. Okay, then protest that, not protest against white people and tell them to lick your boots.

We’ve seen various cities throughout the country painting “murals” saying “Black Lives Matter” on the street.

Many citizens are painting over the words and getting different results. One couple is being charged with a hate crime, while in Missouri, another group of people decided to paint a blue line over it.

The graffiti was in front of the police department and the group of good citizens decided to go out and paint a blue line over it.

As it turned out, it’s actually gray, not blue.

A photo posted to Twitter on Saturday showed a group of people painting over the stenciled words and questioned the use of a blue line of paint to do the job. “The thin blue line” has for decades been a metaphor for police work, and it’s frequently included in pro-police imagery.

But according to Florissant Police Department Officer Steve Michael, the paint is not blue, but gray.

“It was painted over because it is illegal to paint the roadway,” he said in an email to BuzzFeed News. “It has absolutely nothing to do with the message.”

Michael added the new paint job was done by the city’s street department.

“If we allow all groups to paint a message anywhere then we would have all kinds of different groups doing it,” he said. “We simply cannot allow any group to paint anything on roadways.”


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