PROOF: Arbery Was Not Just Some Jogger – New Video Reveals Criminal Past

The MSM and the left want you to believe that the young man who was shot and killed in Georgia, Ahmaud Arbery, was just an innocent jogger who was gunned down just because he was a black guy in a white neighborhood.

Before I go any further, let me just say that I do not condone what the men did. I do not believe they should have chased him down. They should have just let the police take care of the situation.

What I am saying though is that he's not the unblemished person that the media makes him out to be.

That photo they keep showing was taken in high school when he was 18. The man was 25-years-old when he died. Why would this be the phot that they choose to show? It's because it's the one that makes him look the best.

They also mentioned on the news that he was a standout football star. Again, why mention something from 7 years ago unless that's all you've got to go on? It's because he is a criminal and I can prove it.

Videos have been released of other incidents in the past where he has gotten in trouble.

In this video, bodycam footage shows police trying to find out what Arbery is doing parked in a weird part of a park when he gets very confrontational.

Footage from the November 2017 incident, obtained by the Guardian, shows Glynn County cop Michael Kanago patrolling a local park and coming across Arbery, who was sitting alone in his car.

Kanago accuses Arbery of using marijuana and tells him the park is known for drug and criminal activity.

Arbery responds, "Criminal activity? I'm in a f***ing park. I work."

He then tells Kanago, "You're bothering me for nothing" before refusing to let the officer search his car.

Kanago, according to his own police report, claims he felt threatened by Arbery and requested backup.

Then in this video also from 2017, police bodycam video shows Arbery getting arrested for stealing a 65 inch TV from Walmart.

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