Private Investigator Uncovers Evidence of MASSIVE Counterfeiting Outfit in Hunter Biden's Secret Bank Records

As if things weren't bad enough for Hunter Biden already, it looks like they just got much worse. This could mean some serious prison time, too.

If you'll recall, this all started with his position on the board for Burisma and how his father helped stop a prosecutor from investigating the company.

Next, we learned about how he knocked up a hook and how she's having his baby and seeking child support from Biden since it is now proven that the baby is his.

Then we had the battle to gain access to Hunter's financial records so the courts could determine how much in child support he should have to pay.

What is even worse now is that after a private investigator looked at his bank records, he uncovered a massive counterfeiting scheme showing that $156 million has run through his bank account(s).

Biden's attorneys are fighting this and claiming that that the investigators accessed Biden's bank account records illegally.

According to Fox News,

In a motion to strike, Biden's legal team unconditionally denied the unverified claims, and called the effort by the Florida-based D&A Investigations another obviously bogus "scheme by a non-party simply to make scandalous allegations in the pending suit to gain media attention without any material or pertinent material."

D&A claimed in its most recent filing Dec. 27 with the court in Independence County, Ark., that it has provided attorneys for Lunden Alexis Roberts, who was seeking custody over the child she said Hunter Biden fathered, "access to [Hunter Biden's] bank account records subject of known felonies including fraud and counterfeiting." D&A was seeking to be added as a party to the case, claiming it could support Roberts' accusations and prove that Biden was involved in illegal activity while dodging discovery quests.

D&A alleged that the "bank account records bear exhibit identifier(s) known by [Hunter Biden] as the subject of criminal investigation(s) both adjudicated and ongoing, of which he is a party to." The firm also claimed the bank records "provide the source and destination bank account numbers of Burisma Holdings Limited, PrivatBank, Bank of China, [Hunter Biden's] business partners, Rosement Seneca Bohai," and others.