President Trump Fires Back At Reporter Asking Him About Calling Biden A Criminal (VIDEO)

With all of the new information being released on an almost daily basis regarding Hunter Biden and even China Joe, the end of them both is looking very near.

Hunter is likely to be arrested soon based on what he has on his laptop.

But have you noticed how much media coverage this is getting? It’s almost nothing. The mainstream media, with the expectation of Fox News, has been completely silent on the matter.

But what do we see when we consider the media? Practically nothing.

First of all, Twitter and Facebook have actively censored the New York Post article which first exposed Hunter and the laptop and hard drive situation. Beyond that, no one is confronting Joe Biden about it, but you can believe that President Trump will during the debate…that is if it even happens.

Given all of the circumstances, it wouldn’t shock me one bit if Biden backs out of this election somehow. If he doesn’t, with the stupid new rule that the debate moderator can mute the mic of the candidates, I’ll guarantee you that the moderator will be working hard to keep that from being mentioned during the debate.

You can look at the front page of CNN right now and you won’t even find the word Hunter. In fact, the only mention of the word Biden comes in the title, “Road to 270: Trump and Biden’s paths to a 2020 election victory”.

Why are they not reporting it? Because it makes them look bad, of course.

Well, President Trump called out a reporter for failing to report on it earlier this week.

As the President was preparing to board Air Force One, a reporter asked him about his strategy to call Joe Biden a criminal.

The President told him, “He is a criminal, he is a criminal. He got caught. Read his laptop. And you know who’s a criminal? You’re a criminal for not reporting it.”

He continued, “Joe Biden is a criminal and he’s been a criminal a for long time and you’re a criminal and the media for not reporting it.”

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