Popular TV Preacher Sentenced to 1000 Years in Prison

When it comes to TV preachers and televangelists, they don’t exactly have the best reputation. The reason is that there is a long history of failure among them.

These failures include things like heretical teachings, abuse in the church, all sorts of schemes to get filthy rich.

There are a handful of TV preachers who are exempt from this category, but there aren’t many.

Over the years, we’ve seen Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker who were indicted for some federal finance charges as well a going through a wild sex scandal.

Then there was Jimmy Swaggart about the same time who was defrocked after his own sex scandal involving prostitutes.

There was Teg Haggard who was fired for sexually immoral conduct after paying a gay escort for sexual favors and drugs, even though he said he bought the drugs to throw them away. PSHHH, yeah right!

Then you have Bishop Eddie Long was the pastor of a megachurch in Atlanta, Georgia before he was accused of enticing teenage male members of the church to perform sexual acts with him using the riches he made from the church. Also, Atlanta based pastor Creflo Dollar was arrested for choking his daughter.

Now, popular Alabama televangelist Acton Bowen was tried, convicted, and sentenced to 1,008 years in prison for 28 charges of raping and sexually assaulting children. He was also ordered to pay $840,000 in fines.

According to AL.com,

Bowen, 39, entered guilty pleas earlier this month in Etowah County to 28 counts of sexual abuse involving six male victims between the ages of 13 and 16. The charges included enticing a child for a sexual act, sodomy, traveling to meet a child for a sexual act and sexual abuse.

Circuit Judge Debra Jones presided over the case after several Etowah County judges recused themselves. Bowen’s ex-wife is the daughter of an Etowah County judge.

Moments before being sentenced, Bowen, standing in shackles, looked out on a packed courtroom and apologized in a trembling voice, both to his own family and the victims, for years of sexual abuse. “The shame and guilt I feel is overwhelming and has been for a long time,” he said. “My heart was never wanting to hurt anybody but my mind was not well.”

Family members and victims wept as Jones slowly read out the maximum sentence and fine on every count. Each sentence is to run consecutively – rather than concurrent.

Photo Credit: ToBeDaniel

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