Police Make Arrests in Case of 7-Year-Old Boy Who Was Attacked By Liberals Outside Convention

You may have heard of the incident last week when two liberal women attacked a 7-year-old boy outside of the Democratic National Convention last week. Here's what happened:

The young boy was wearing a MAGA hat, which he had placed on the ground for a moment when two walking pieces of trash took it from him.

The incident then turned into a situation where the women attacked a man who I'm presuming to be the dad, and then one of the women comes up and started hitting the mom as well.

What you're about to see is the perfect and disgusting display of just how trashy Democrats really can be.

Well, now both of these pieces of trash have been arrested.

Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy, both of whom I believe are 21-years-old were arrested separately and are now being charged with robbery, conspiracy, and child endangerment.

As the victim’s 7-year-old son went to retrieve the hat off the ground, Amy allegedly attempted to stomp on the hat, but stomped on the boy’s hand, according to statements in court records. The little boy wasn’t hurt, but did begin to cry, police said.

Amy was accused of punching a third victim, a man, in the face, resulting in a small laceration to his lip which caused him “substantial pain” the victim told police in court records. Amy then allegedly threw the MAGA hat over a fence and struck the adult woman in the face with a closed fist, which did not result in injury, court records said.

Amy is facing the same charges as Winslow–first-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy, and endangering the welfare of a child–along with an additional two counts of offensive touching. She was committed to the Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution in lieu of $45,000 secured bond.


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