Pennsylvania Governor and Rep Get Caught on Hot Mic Exposing Mask Mandate

There are a number of Democratic governors who have gone too far on the mandate given to respond to the coronavirus.

Some are worse than others but all are hypocritical and everyone knows it's all a show.

To be quite honest, this is why were are consistently seeing crooked Democrats like as Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Andrew Cuomo, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Gretchen Whitmer, and others being spotted in public without wearing a mask after their the ones who have been pushing so hard about wearing masks.

Now, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and a Democratic State Representative were caught on a hot mic calling the idea of wearing masks "political theater".

Gov. Wolf is off camera but can be heard saying, "So, Wendy, I'm gonna take – I'm gonna take my mask off when I speak so…"

Then Rep. Wendy Ullman says, "I will as well, just, I'm waiting so that we can do a little political theater." Then she laughs about it.

Richard Grenell, who is the former Acting Director of the United States National Intelligence saw this and tweeted,

"The Pennsylvania Governor is purposefully hurting the economy to score political points.

Voters should take note."

It is true. I mean, she said emphatically that she was going to put the mask on at first so he was seen wearing it on camera before removing it for the rest of the speech.

They destroy their economy and impose tyrannical orders on their citizens in order to pick up a few brownie points from other Democrats who also know it's a game. It just doesn't make any sense.

What Grenell had to say should resonate with America and I certainly hope that it does. Remember all of the oppression when it comes time to vote. Remember the absurdity they continue to put us through. Remember how they made fun of us and played their little political game.

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