Pelosi Unleashes Her Biggest Lie During The Pandemic Yet

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is as bitter of a woman as they come and nothing but a liar.

But the lie she told over the weekend was a doozy. It was probably the biggest lie she's told in months.

Pelosi once again slammed President Trump over the weekend and claimed that the Democrats are willing to fight for financial aid to the state and local governments that need it. This came as a response to what Governor Larry Hogan urged "federal leaders to provide immediate fiscal relief for the states.”

Pelosi then tweeted, "Our state and local governments are in crisis, and between emergency expenses and rising unemployment sapping revenue, they need an immediate infusion of funds to prevent the collapse of essential services."

"On a bipartisan basis, governors are crying out for help and Congress must act. Democrats will continue to push for urgently needed funds for state and local governments in the interim emergency bill and . "

Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaled Thursday that the House is unlikely to return to session later this month, her clearest indication yet that Congress — like the rest of the country — could remain shuttered for weeks or even longer as the coronavirus crisis continues.

In a half-hour interview, Pelosi issued a stark warning to President Donald Trump, urging him not to prematurely reopen major segments of the country before the coronavirus is under control, which she said could further send the U.S. economy into a tailspin.

Here's why this is all a lie.

Pelosi said she's not opening Congress back up at least until mid-May. That's not fighting for the people and they're powerless to do anything at this point. They're just sitting back watching everyone suffer while they sip their wine and pull in their big paychecks.

It won’t be until mid-spring before Pelosi is planning on debating the fourth CARE plan, she’s not fighting for anyone. Before Pelosi cut the House loose McConnell attempted to get additional funding for small businesses. Pelosi slammed the door and said that there was no evidence that small businesses needed additional help. Ironically, here is what she posted on Monday:

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