Pelosi Proposal Could Make The Coronavirus Outbreak Worse, House GOP Fight for Trump Policy

House Republicans are urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to withdraw a bill that she and the House Democrats are proposing as an effort to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

What Pelosi is wanting to do is rescind President Trump’s controversial travel ban, arguing it could hinder the administration’s ability to limit the number of individuals entering the U.S. from countries that have faced widespread outbreaks of coronavirus.

Scalise told reporters about how bad the policy was:

"I know there is one piece of legislation that’s scheduled for the floor this week that I would urge Speaker Pelosi to pull back on, and that is the No Ban Act. You saw at the very beginning of this, President Trump was able to take quick action when so many cases were coming out of China, and we still don’t know enough about the genesis of this disease in China and how it may have started there."

"Unfortunately, they didn’t share enough information with us as quickly, where we could have done more things earlier. But at the same time, the president was able to take quick action to limit the number of people coming in from China that had exposure to coronavirus, but the No Ban Act would make it more difficult for the president to keep Americans safe by addressing needs as we see other countries like Iran — you’re seeing a large, potential large outbreak in Iran — Iran is one of those countries that we currently have a travel ban on because they don’t allow us to properly vet that terrorists aren’t coming into our country."

The Democrats don't miss a trick to try and pull a political stunt like this at a time like now where it is critically important to handle the as efficiently and as quickly as we can.

Scalise also said:

"The president ought to be able to keep potential terrorists from coming into our country, but now with this outbreak of coronavirus, the president also needs to have all the tools available to limit, people coming in from countries with a high propensity of coronavirus.

You wouldn’t want legislation that would make it more difficult. Hopefully, that bill gets pulled this week, but in the meantime, we need to continue to do all that we can to ensure that the administration has the tools they need, and we’re working together to inform the public, of the various precautions that they can take as we’re trying to find a vaccine."

The No Ban Act, sponsored by California Democrat Rep. Judy Chu would remove the President’s 2017 travel ban, the American Civil Liberties group endorses the Act and said:

"Congress took a huge step forward today, sending the message to the president and the country that Muslims and other communities of color are welcome here. Now that the bill has passed out of committee, we look forward to its swift passage in the House without any further changes. We must end these bans and prevent presidents from using rank prejudice to discriminate against Black and brown people."

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