Pelosi Hints at Issuing MAJOR Subpoena in Impeachment Scandal…But Is It Too Late?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced that she will finally be delivering the articles of impeachment over to the Senate this week.

We all already know that this impeachment is a dud and that absolutely nothing good is going to come from the trial, that is for the Democrats. It's going to be a great thing for the Republicans.

After several weeks of acting like she is flexing her muscles by holding the articles of impeachment and threats from the Senate to dismiss the whole thing, Pelosi is finally coming to her senses and turning over the articles.

She knows this attempt is going to fail, but she's not going to let that stop her from trying to get rid of Trump.

Democrats have already been discussing impeaching him again, and they haven't officially impeached him the first time, yet!

Keep it up Democrats, keep it up. You're only helping America by giving everyone reasons to quit supporting Democrats.

Pelosi said, “We are in court on the witnesses. It could take a very long time on the witnesses we have been in court. And we haven’t limited the possibility of ever having subpoena and going forward with Bolton. But he has said in this two weeks’ period, another piece of progress that we made, he would respond to a subpoena from the United States Senate. But the fact is is that the president of the United States, again, quite different from President Clinton. President Clinton allowed witnesses to come forward. President Trump has prevented that from happening.”

Host George Stephanopoulos  asked, “So if the Senate does not subpoena John Bolton and other witnesses, will the House move to subpoena?”

Pelosi said, “It’s not excluded. We’ll see what they do. But we do think that there’s enough evidence to remove the president from office.”