Once Again Chick-fil-A Proves That No Matter What You Ask 'My Pleasure' is the Response

It's easy to tell why Chick-fil-A has been voted America's favorite, cleanest and most polite fast food chain. No matter what you ask of a Chick-fil-A employee, their response is "my pleasure."

Another story of their unmatched customer service has gone viral.

Shauna Hall was at the Stafford, VA location last week with her son. When she got out of her van she had the extreme misfortune of dropping her iPhone down into a storm drain.

Hall took this very hard because she had "just paid off" her very expensive iPhone and just a few days before she had put a new case on it.

"After a moment of [losing] my freakin mind, I lay on the ground, placing my head best I can between my van and the drain, looking into the dark abyss to see if by any chance it has landed somewhere I can reach,” she wrote on Facebook. “Of course it [had] not.”

So I have the WORSE luck. I’m serious, if it can happen it will almost always happen to me. Today was no exception….

Posted by Shauna Hall on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Despite being a total mess, she decided to go in and ask a Chick-fil-A manager for help. While the manager was eager to help, he was not sure how to help.

This was when another employee, Seth, used a grab-stick and mirror to try and find the phone to pull it out.

Seth was unable to find the phone and eventually the two figured out that the phone had fallen clear down the drainage hole.

“So we go back inside where we go to a table as my son is hungry, and I still can’t believe what has happened. Then the young man who has been trying to help me comes over with my order ticket and tells me he has completely refunded my mobile dine-in order and that our food will be out shortly,” Hall wrote. She also pointed out that Seth let her give out his personal cell phone number in case she needed to call anyone.

After the meal they realized the manhole cover was not bolted down.

“It’s really heavy, so he does most the lifting and ends up slicing his finger open," Hall continued. "After running in quickly to clean the wound, he is able to remove the cover and there at the very bottom of the drain hole is my phone."

This was when Seth stepped up big-time. He climbed down into the hole and recovered the phone, which was not broken or wet, incredibly.

While Seth was opening up the manhole cover he even sliced his finger open.

The mom was ecstatic about getting her phone back.

“Not only did he slice his finger and was filthy from laying on the ground and climbing in the hole… I find out he had actually just gotten off shift and was still willing to help me,” Shauna wrote.

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What an amazing story. it's incredible how Chick-fil-A employees are willing to go to any length to make their customer happy.