Nobel Prize Winner Who Predicted China Outbreak Slowdown Says This About Italy, Israel, and the US

Michael Levitt is a very brilliant man who is also a Nobel Prize winning biophysicist and the predictions that he has made about the coronavirus have proven to be accurate.

His estimations regarding the timing of when the coronavirus was going to begin to flatten out in China and now he’s saying that Italy is nearing its slowdown point as well.

“Italy is already halfway through the disease. There has been a decrease in growth in the number of deaths in Italy in the past 2-3 days,” Levitt told The Jerusalem Post.

“If Italy measured cases like Korea, there would have been 10 times more cases,” he said, suggesting Italy’s fatality rate is likely lower than reported.

“South Korea is already in the slow-down phase, he said, and Italy is nearing the same point.”

Levitt said that he really doesn’t expect it to get very bad in Israel,

“There is a lot of unjustified panic in Israel. I don’t believe the numbers here, everything is politics, not math. I will be surprised if number of deaths in Israel surpasses ten, and even five now with the restrictions.

Here is what Levitt had to say about the outbreak in the U.S.

“[T]here are years when flu is raging, like in the U.S. in 2017, when there were three times the regular number of mortalities. And still, we did not panic. That is my message: you need to think of corona like a severe flu. It is four to eight times as strong as a common flu, and yet, most people will remain healthy and humanity will survive.”

Currently, I am most worried about the U.S. It must isolate as many people as possible to buy time for preparations,” Levitt said. “Otherwise, it can end up in a situation where 20,000 infected people will descend on the nearest hospital at the same time and the healthcare system will collapse.”

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Photo Credit: Bengt Nyman