Nike And Kaepernick's Christmas Gift To America: A Disgraceful New Sneaker

Colin Kaepernick is the biggest joke in the weird world of politics and sports, though a case can be easily be made that sports no longer have anything to do with Kaepernick anymore. He had one final shot at getting back in the NFL and he blew it by acting like a baby.

Earlier this year, Kaepernick completely destroyed the sales of a new shoe that Nike released as a celebration of America. But you know that Kaepernick hates America since he's so oppressed. He alone convinced Nike to pull the sneaker because it was racist, even though it wasn't.

Well, now after screwing that up, both Nike and Kaepernick have collaborated to create a new shoe that in an insult to all Americans.

The new shoe from Nike dubbed the Colin Kaepernick X Nike Air Force 1 is designed as a celebration of the first time that Kaepernick took a knee on the football field

According to SBD,

“This special edition Nike Air Force 1 comes dressed in a Black and White color scheme. It features a Black leather upper, a gradient-faded Swoosh on the sides completed with several personal details. A hangtag with Kaep’s number 7 atop a White midsole and icy translucent outsole with the date Colin first took a knee in protest “8/14/16” on the right shoe finishes the design.”

On the sole on the right shoe is the date that Kaepernick first took a knee. It also would be the shoe that others would see if you took a knee wearing the shoe. 

The shoes that were pulled earlier this year were the “Betsy Ross” flag shoes which had 13 stars in a circle which Kaepernick said was during the time of slavery because that flag was flown during the American Revolution,  therefore, they're racist. And the shoes were set to be released in celebration of the July Fourth holiday.

What is offensive is celebrating the fact that someone can kneel in protest of America, but honoring a flag that is part of our history that has led us to where we are today as a "free" society is racist.