New Rumors on the Whereabouts of Hunter Biden After Recent Release of Evidence

Since the Hunter Biden laptop was released, the rumors have been coming from every direction.

There have been all sorts of rumors including that Hunter isn't even alive anymore.

But the latest rumor that is going around right now is that Hunter is actually working with the FBI to work with the government to nail some of the bigger names, possibly even his dad.

That's right. The word on the street is that he has flipped and is now working with the FBI to take down his own family members, friends, and China.

We know that the information that has come from the laptop has been incredibly damning to him.

Even recently, video and photos of him naked with a minor and having sex with a relative have been released. What kind of pervert is this guy?

One of the rumors has been that Hunter was dead and that he died from an overdose.

That information comes from a source who has been reliable in the past regarding Jeffrey Epstein, but I don't know that this is true this time.

Here is the message that was posted about this:

Hunter Biden has turned himself into the FBI. He was personally interviewed this afternoon by Barr and six other Justice Department lawyers. He has been stashed in a medical facility in Washington D.C. where he is getting treatment for his addictions. So far he has signed statements and provided proof of over 300 million in bribes the Biden family has received in the last 20 years. The funds are hidden in several accounts in Switzerland and Hunter has provided proof that Joe Biden has been accessing those accounts and using funds for years. So far the evidence shows Joe Biden has personally removed over 45 million in cash and used it for personal items. The information has been forwarded to a special unit of the IRS for investigation. Barr will be meeting with Biden on Friday and recommend he either withdraw from the race or face numerous criminal charges. If he withdraws from the race and forfeit all funds in the accounts, the Biden family and specifically Hunter will not face criminal charges.

Who knows if this is really accurate or not.

To be quite honest, I wouldn't actually rule this out knowing the sort of character that Hunter Biden has. Let's hope it's true.

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