New Evidence Emerges in Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Involving Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell

Newly resurfaced photos have been uncovered showing Prince Andrew with convicted pedophile and notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein as well as Ghislaine Maxwell.

Photos from 2000 show the three of them together at a racetrack in the U.K. In the first photo Maxwell's face cannot because another woman in front of her. But, in the second photo, she can clearly be seen as she walks with Prince Andrew.

According to The Daily Wire,

Last month, Prince Andrew gave an interview to the BBC that ended up being disastrous for him, according to a poll conducted by Sky News.

“People were asked what they thought of an interview the duke did with BBC Newsnight, during which he denied having sex with a 17-year-old girl at the home of the disgraced billionaire’s ex-girlfriend in London in 2001,” Sky News reported. “Just 6% of people polled said they believed the explanations he gave in the interview, with 51% saying they did not believe him and 43% saying they were unsure.”

Sky News, which noted that the results spanned across all demographic groups and political views, also found: “Almost half (47%) of people believe the way Prince Andrew has responded to the allegations surrounding Epstein has damaged the monarchy, with less than a quarter (23%) believing that it had not. Some 30% said they were unsure.”

Prince Andrew knows much more than he's letting onto. He can't reveal what he knows because he would incriminate himself. He knows that he's guilty.

Both Ghislaine and Virginia Roberts Giuffre are both going to be super important in exposing the inner workings of Epstein's scandal that was going on, especially since Ghislaine really seemed to be a key player behind it all.

Prince Andrew has come under heavy scrutiny and has even been kicked out of Buckingham Palace at the Queen's wishes as a result of this scandal. It seems that Prince Andrew did the interview to try and clear the air and profess his innocence, but it seems that all he did was make matters worse for himself.