Nancy Pelosi Snaps on Reporter Who Calls Her a 'Hypocrite' for Defending Creepy Joe

Imagine if the Democrats were facing as much pressure about this Joe Biden accusation as Brett Kavanaugh did for his. Despite this, the left is already showing kinks in the armor.

Nancy Pelosi went all-in with her defense on Joe Biden, who is facing sexual assault allegations.

Here's Pelosi's defense of Biden:

Nancy was called out for taking a very different stance than when the Brett Kavanaugh allegations came out. She snapped back, "I don't need a lecture."

Check it out.

How does she not see how unreasonable this is? With much less evidence, she was all over Kavanaugh. Now there is some corroboration with this story and Pelosi pretends it didn't even happen.

Isn't it reasonable for them to at least listen to Tara Reade's side of the story before making up their mind? Joe Biden is a disaster of a candidate before this. Do they really think he has a chance going into 2020?

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