Mysterious Object Hovering In Restricted Airspace Causes White House and Capitol Building To Go On Lockdown

Earlier this week, Washington security officials reacted quickly and put the White House and the Capitol on lockdown after an unidentified object entered restricted airspace in D.C.

This was perceived as a potential threat so as a safety precaution, both buildings were put on lockdown.

So what was this object that flew over the restricted airspace?

Well, according to D.C. security officials, “We don’t know what the hell it was.”

Fox News reported,

Security officials received different information regarding the location and speed of the object in question. Officials heard it was “hovering” and were even given “knots” measuring its speed, sources said.

Fox News is told by security officials that the situation went to “Air Con Orange,” which means a suspicious aircraft piercing the Washington security bubble. But security personnel are only supposed to stay at Air Con Orange for a few minutes, before either upgrading the alert or downgrading the problem.

Neither occurred with Tuesday morning’s alert, but Capitol Police sent a notification of a potential threat shortly after 8:30 a.m. People were allowed back in after about 30 minutes.

Law enforcement sources initially told Fox News the lockdown was triggered after an aircraft moving east violated restricted airspace. But Fox News is now told officials may have to go back and review the radar to determine what exactly prompted the scare, with sources saying they got "mixed signals at best" as to what the potential aircraft could have been.

It was reported as being a "slow-moving blob". That's practically all we have to go off of. I've seen large swarms of insects show up on doppler radar, perhaps that's what it was?

But isn't it getting too cold to have large swarms of insects flying around?

Maybe it was a bird? But shouldn't they be able to discern a bird in the airspace?

Whatever it was, it seemed to just disappear. Do I smell another cover-up coming?