MUST WATCH: Don't Be Fooled By The Media, Here's What Americans REALLY Think of President Trump

According to the mainstream media and the polls that they like to put out, you would believe that the majority of the country really does not like President Trump. If you believe that, you'd be wrong.

When you look at the real events that the mainstream media doesn't want to cover, you'll start seeing things the way that they really are and you'll see the true story of what Americans think about President Trump. America loves Trump!

Now, of course, not every single person loves the President. You still have Millenials who haven't learned to think properly and have never learned logic as well as braindead Democrats who will do anything to silence someone whom they don't agree with.

But if you watched the NCAA College Football Championship game on Monday night, you would have seen that a stadium full of people, thousands of people, were cheering for the President and the First Lady when they came walking out on the field. The crowd erupted with cheers and clapping and whistling as you've never seen!

While they were all cheering for President Trump, they then began shouting, "USA! USA! USA!" These are Americans that are proud of their country and proud of their president who is doing a phenomenal job. Don't let the media tell you any differently.


The president received a much warmer welcome when he attended a November football game between LSU and Alabama and the December Army-Navy game.

Trump last attended the College Football Playoff National Championship in Atlanta in 2018, similarly walking onto the field to stand with U.S. military members during the national anthem.

Trump welcomed the Clemson football team, last year’s champions, to the White House in early 2019, serving them fast food because the federal government was in the midst of a shutdown. (The Hill)