MUST READ: Survey Reveals the Best Way to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

I got my license when I was 16 years old, technically, 15 years old if you count when I got my learner's permit. I've now been driving for decades and in my entire driving career, I've only ever had two speeding tickets.

I was young when I got both of them and they were my own fault, though not intentional.

Some people get out of speeding tickets though and in a recent survey of 1000 drivers, they discussed what worked best in getting out of a ticket.

41% of people said that simply asking for a warning instead of a ticket worked, even without giving an excuse.

32% of people said telling the officer that they didn't know they were speeding was enough to avoid a ticket.

20% said being later for work or medical emergency worked for them.

17% said that telling the officer you needed to use the restroom or that they didn't see a speed limit sign worked.

Even with those who did get tickets, 97% of people said they were happy they got a lawyer to help them fight the ticket because even though they may spend hundreds of dollars of the lawyer, it saves money in the long run from having increased insurance premiums.

Now, I thought that I would mention my two speeding tickets because they are someone interesting.

My first ticket came when I was 18 years old. I lived in Georgia and my parents lived in Missouri. I was making a trip to visit them for Christmas.

I had decided to do the drive at night because at the time I hated driving during the day. As I got off the interstate in Paducah, KY I saw lights come on behind me so I went ahead and pulled over.

As it turns out, I was doing 83 in a 55. I honestly had no idea I was even going that fast. What's worse and what I didn't know at that time was that when you go over 25 mph above the speed limit, that's supposed to be a mandatory court appearance.

Fortunately, the officer had pity on me and dropped my speed to 80 so I wouldn't have to drive back to Kentucky for court. I still had to pay an almost $300 fine though.

The second time was when I was 21 and was on the street that I lived on. The speed limit is only 25 mph and I left and went to a gas station that was only about 100 yards away from my apartment complex.

Sure enough there was a cop somewhere and clocked me at 40 mph. I got a ticket that time as well, but what was bad is that the officer told me, "I didn't know it was you when I pulled you over, but your name came back as suspicious for drug involvement." He then asked to search my car which I allowed him to do at that time. Of course, he didn't find anything because I didn't do drugs. He was full of it and made the whole thing up.

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