MSNBC Reporter Caught Live On Air Spreading Fake News

Leigh Ann Caldwell, an MSNBC journalist, was caught spouting off fake news live on the air while in the U.S. Capitol Building as Republican Congressman Mark Meadows walked by.

As he passed, he declined to do an interview so Caldwell then mentioned how Republicans "are really struggling to defend the President." This perked up the ears of Meadows and stopped him in his tracks. He came back with a big smile on his face and told her, "I'm not struggling on anything. The Republicans are not struggling on anything."

On "The Ingraham Angle" show, Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA was a guest speaker and spoke on Caldwell's fake news. Jeanine Pirro asked Kirk, "Where would she even get that from?" He replied, "What I love is, just say, 'Are you struggling?' You don't have to tell the congressman what is going on because you're the journalist. It's as if he caught them in their own bias in real-time. God bless Mark Meadows, God bless Jim Jordan and that whole team that's been fighting so hard."

Kirk continued, "But it's so funny. She's telling him what's going on while he's the story and she's supposed to be telling the story."

Jeffrey Lord was also on the program as well and Pirro asked him about it to which he said that the President isn't struggling at all.

Fox News reported,

American Spectator contributing editor Jeffrey Lord added that he and some colleagues recently visited Trump and found him to be in good spirits — and not appearing as concerned about impeachment as some Trump critics believe.

"He is upbeat, he's focused … he's energetic," Lord said.

"He passionately believes in the American people. … He was terrific when I saw him."

The Democrats know that they don't have a solid case against the President. However, the GOP are easily going to be able to provide real facts to defend President Trump because of his innocence. Believe this, if Mark Meadows or Jim Jordan knew or thought that President Trump had done anything wrong, they would have no problem joining the Democrats in the impeachment inquiry against the President.