MSNBC Brings on Racist Guest, Calls White Men 'Trifling Scrubs' and White Women Liars

Things went sour on an already ridiculous interview on MSNBC as they brought on a guest who was a racist.

The guest on MSNBC's "AM Joy" show, Elie Mystal, said that white men are "trifling" and "scrubs".

That's not all either, he then attacked white women saying that all they have to do is lie to someone in order to get Mystal's job. This all happened on daytime tv with no hiccup.

TIFFANY CROSS: "As we have Senator (Kamala) Harris as the vice presidential nominee, I think this will significantly impact the Biden ticket. What role do you see black men playing in supporting her? And I want to be clear when I say that, you know, 13 percent of black men voted for Trump — black men overwhelmingly vote the Democratic ticket. I think a part of this is GOTV getting out the vote from a lot of people who may not typically be politically engaged. So talk to us about what you think the rest of the campaign looks like as it relates to engaging the black men voting block."

ELIE MYSTAL: "I'm so glad that you level set there correctly, Tiffany, because we have to remember that eight out of 10 black men are going to vote for the President who show up to vote. The only reason that we're here is that we're struggling to capture the ninth black man because two out of three trifling white men are going to vote for the bigoted, misogynist President, right? Our bench has to play like stars because a majority of white men are going to play like scrubs, all right?"

"Now, with that said, the Democratic party does not make this easy because what we have, you know, when you look at what an average African American experience is like in this country, it is to be predated upon, right?  And not just by American cops or by Confederate lawn jockeys, but every white woman in this country knows that she can take my job or my freedom or my life with some fake tears and a phone call."


He's so dumb, I bet you that if his employer watched this and decided to fire her for being racist, which they won't, he would blame white people for it and probably accuse someone of doing exactly what he just described her with zero evidence to support it.


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