Montana Candidate Ryan Zinke: Trump Will Either Be ‘King or a Kingmaker’

On Thursday, Montana 1st Congressional District candidate Ryan Zink told Newsmax that former President Donald Trump is “either going to be a king or a kingmaker,” while discussing the importance of having Trump’s endorsement.

The former Trump Secretary of the Interior said, “I don’t think he knows whether he’s going to run, but certainly his endorsement as a leader of the Republican Party is important,” adding that he is “blessed” to also have the endorsements of Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, Senator Steve Daines, the NRA, and the “100% right for life vote.”

“We’re feeling pretty good about the campaign, but it is about leadership,” Zinke explained. “I can tell you I believe the Republicans will take the House of Representatives. Now it’s time to lead and we need to get things done. We’re looking at inflation numbers, where it’s driving at, and energy costs. When I was secretary, gas was $2 a gallon. We can fix energy in a matter of months.”

He also noted that when he became secretary, the United States’ oil production was at 8.3 million barrels a day. However, after two years in office, the output was up to 12.5 million barrels of oil a day and was the world’s largest exporter of energy.

“We lowered overall emissions and had the best safety record ever in this country,” he added.