Minneapolis 2.0 – Watch Governor Defend Violence and Looting in Philadelphia

The way things are going, it's like we're seeing a repeat of Minneapolis, Portland, and Kenosha all over again.

That's right, we have rioting again and once again, it's because a black man tried attacking the police and ended up getting shot and killed because of it.

So of course, Black Lives Matter and Antifa see this as an excuse to once again start destroying businesses and looting.

These have not been peaceful protests; they haven't even been protests. They are nothing less than anarchy playing out through violence and theft.

Gov. Tom Wolf, just like the other good for nothing Democratic governors, is defending the criminals that are causing the havoc in Philadelphia. Listen to what Gov. Wolf said,

"Well first of all I'm, I mean I'm, as everyone is uh really sad by the, the death of of the victim. And and I think I uh, share in mourning with the family. Anytime that happens is a tragedy, for whatever reason, uh and I think uh we need to make sure that that that we uh uh follow up, find out what happened I'm, and my staff and have been in constant communication since last night uh with the folks in Philadelphia. Uh And the hope is that that doesn't escalate into anything uh more than, than the peaceful protests that I think this kind of situation brings out."

Meanwhile, at least 30 stores have been looted, dozens of officers have been hurt, one was even hit by a truck, a reported was beat up for filming some thugs stealing inside of a Five Below store.

What is it with these morons defending these thugs? Are they afraid of them? Do they think it's the way to keep them in office? Who are they really trying to appease by making these claims and is that really what you want for your state?

I sincerely wonder if they are purposely trying to destroy our country one state at a time.

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