Mexican Cartels Reach New Lows In The Face of Impending Border Wall

Things are getting rough nowadays if you're a Colombian cartel boss. How's a drug dealer supposed to smuggle narcotics into the country?

How about by disguising your couriers as nuns and stuffing their habits with pounds of cocaine, of course. Sadly enough, that's not even a viable option as a few women recently found out the hard way.

The problem occurred when a flight landed at Colombia's San Andres Island last weekend. The security guards immediately noticed that a group of three nuns appeared very nervous as they were leaving their plane.

Sheriff Mark Lamb from Pinal County, Arizona took the time to be interviews by Laura Ingraham to discuss the ongoing crisis at the southern border. Sheriff Lamb told Ingraham about how the cartels are using women dressed as nuns to get drugs into the country.

Sheriff Lamb: "The other day we had a traffic stop. There was a lady in the front seat dressed as a nun with a Bible on her lap. We ended up finding eight pounds of Fentanyl in her undergarments. So when you say there’s not a problem, there’s absolutely a problem and the cartel has no problem crossing any of those lines."

Laura Ingraham: "She was dressed as a nun? That’s a new one. How many people could that kill?"

Sheriff Lamb: "Eight pounds of Fentanyl will kill a lot… This would kill a lot of people. It’s killing our youth everyday."

It was clear that their cover was blown when the security guards noticed the nuns in the airport at San Andres Island. San Andres is on a longtime cocaine route from Colombia to Nicaragua, so there really isn't much reason for three nuns to even be in the area.


When police approached them, they all broke down and began crying. They said their own poverty had pushed them to get involved with the cartels. This kind of stuff is the exact reason why we need increases security on the border and why we need a wall, because this happens here as well.