#MeToo Friendly Version of "Baby It's Cold Outside"

Can you remember last year during the holiday season how liberals all of a sudden decided that they're offended by the Christmas classic song "Baby It's Cold Outside"? They're trying to nip it in the bud this year by making a new version which is more "culturally relevant".

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are recording their own version of the Christmas classic and changing the song lyrics so as to be a little more #MeToo friendly for all the social justice warriors out there.

According to The Daily Wire,

During Christmas last year, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” became the center of national controversy when feminists, unable to see the nuance in the song’s flirtatious nature, deemed it a date rape anthem, which prompted a Cleveland radio station to ban the song entirely after some listeners complained it sent the wrong message in the #MeToo era. However, the song’s creator, Frank Loesser, intended it as a flirtatious song between a man and a woman on a cold winter’s night, with critics typically overlooking the part where the woman sings, “Baby it’s cold outside” in unison with her male partner, signifying that the two were always in sync. Frank Loesser’s daughter also asserted that was the case.

Here is a sample of the new lyrics they are using to replace the original lyrics:

"I really can't stay…Baby it's cold outside…I've got to go away…I can call you a ride…This evening has been…So glad that you dropped in…So very nice…Time spent with you is paradise…My mother will start to worry…I'll call a car and tell em' to hurry

I think that they are getting worked up over nothing. This is not a fight worth picking. The times have changed over the last 70 years and people weren't as sensitive and offended as easily as they are today.

The song is about two people flirting with each other and the girl is playing hard to get; it was a common thing back then. A woman wanted a man to prove to her how interested he was in her and earn her affection.

Oh, how I wish we could turn back time about 70 years when things were simpler.