Megyn Kelly Slams Jen Psaki: 'It's Literally Your Job'

Megyn Kelly blasted White House press secretary Jen Psaki after she said that Peter Doocy's network Fox News “anyone sound like a stupid son of a b****”.

During Kelly's podcast "The Megyn Kelly Show" Friday, she was talking to Buck Sexton about Psaki's appearance on Pod Save America. While appearing on Pod Save America, Psaki took a shot at Peter Doocy of Fox News,  because he “asks her tough questions.”

“She’s [Psaki] making the rounds, she’s going on Pod [Save] America, the far-left Obama guys have their podcast which is popular with liberals,” Kelly explained. “And while on there she gets asked about Peter Doocy and whether basically he’s a jerk…they ask her basically if he’s some sort of an asshole.”

“And she basically says oh ‘he works for a network that feeds its questions to people in a way that would make anybody sound like a jerk,'” Kelly added. “And I’m thinking to myself, ‘number one I’ve worked at Fox News and they actually, unlike NBC news, they don’t feed the anchor the questions. … At Fox News nobody ever wrote a question for me ever.”

“Not in a presidential debate, not on a big night, not on my nightly show, and I guarantee you nobody’s writing Peter Doocy’s questions for him,” she continued. “And she [Psaki] decides to take a shot at him [Doocy]. Because he’s the only one willing to ask her tough questions.”

Sexton called the Psaki response to Doocy "insane." He added that Doocy's questions are the only ones worth hearing.

“If we had a real press corps those press conferences would be testy, Megyn” Sexton said. “It should be interesting.”