Mayor Bill de Blasio Sends Police to Round Up Jews on Holiday in Hitler-Like Fashion

In New York City, the Jewish population has been celebrating one of their most important holidays of the year, Sukkot.

Sukkot, which is also known as the Feast of Tabernacles, is a Jewish holiday that involves a week-long celebration following another Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur.

Sukkot celebrates the gathering of the harvest and commemorates the miraculous protection God provided for the children of Israel when they left Egypt.

As you may be aware of, New York City is home to a very large Jewish population who, of course, is going to celebrate their religious holiday over and against any mandate that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio orders. It's their right to do so and is constitutionally protected.

Nevertheless, Mayor de Blasio decided that he wanted to emulate his hero, Adolf Hitler by rounding up the Jews who were gathered in the street to celebrate.

Does this braindead idiot not see how hypocritical he's being? He's rounding up Jews celebrating a religious holiday, which is a religious act, but he's letting Black Lives Matter and Antifa protest and riot in the city.

He even tried to justify it once claiming that these protests have a "profound meaning"

“The protests were an entirely different reality, a national phenomenon, that was not something that the government could just say ‘go away’ — it’s something that came from the grassroots… [they] obviously had profound meaning…”

Do you mean to tell me that someone worshipping their god does not have a profound meaning? What exactly is his definition of profound? because his definition surely isn't the same as mine. There is nothing profound about causing violence and damaging property, this is an act of insurrection.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a firm supporter of peaceful protests (emphasis on peaceful), and I'm firmly against rioting. I also support religious freedom. Both are constitutionally protected, not constitutionally given.