Man Wakes Up At His Own Funeral After Being Declared Dead

It's something that you only really ever hear about happening in other countries; a man who was said to be dead suddenly awoke to find himself at his own funeral.

Mohammad Furquan was legally declared dead at a hospital in India as a result of an accident back in June.

Had he awaken perhaps an hour later, he may have found himself buried alive and actually died or died again. That is one of the most terrible ways I can imagine dying.

According to The Epoch Times,

Furqan had been unconscious since an accident in mid-June before he was declared dead. His family had told the hospital that they had run out of money to pay for his care, the news outlet reported.

Older brother Mohammad Irfan said the family was traumatized by the unusual turn of events.

Irfan told the Hindustan Times: “Devastated, we were preparing for the burial when some of us saw movement in his limbs. We immediately took Furqan to the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital where the doctors said he was alive and have put him on ventilator support.

“We had paid Rs 7 lakh [about $10,000] to the private hospital earlier and when we told them that we had run out of money, they had declared Furqan dead,” he said.

I'll be honest, this all sounds a little odd to me and I have another theory for what may have actually happened.

I think that when the doctors learned that the family was out of money and could no longer afford his care in the hospital the doctors decided to just declare that the man died so they could get him out of the hospital so as to not wasting any more time or money on the man.

Do you think that the man was really dead? It's difficult to say with any certainty since we weren't there.