Man Takes Justice Into His Own Hands in Chicago After Punk Throws Rocks At His Car (VIDEO)

If you've ever heard the old proverb "violence begets violence" then you know that this is precisely what has been going on recently.

There has been a long history of abuse of power and authority by the police over decades, but really the event that kicked started all of this current violence and civil unrest is the death of George Floyd while in police custody after an officer held his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly eight minutes.

The response to George Floyd’s death (and unfortunately a spree of other deaths in the preceding months) led to nationwide protests.

The next link in the chain of violent events is that several of these protests turned into riots in cities across America the past several weeks.

There are various reports that many (if not most) of these riots (but not necessarily the original protests) were instigated by trained agitators whose goal is to initiate violence and destruction.

Last week, another unfortunate link in the chain of violence comes in the form of an interaction between a man on a sidewalk and a passing commuter.

The man on the sidewalk was throwing rocks at passing cars. The driver of one of these cars decided they would take matters into their own hands. In the video (shown below), after the man on the sidewalk threw not one by two rocks at a white car, its driver made a U-turn and chases after the rock slinger.

Note: viewer discretion is advised as this video shows violence and contains a bit of foul language.

One wonders if this gains broader media attention whether the man on the sidewalk will be described as “skipping stones,” similar to how the occupation of Seattle has been called nothing more than a “block party.” Or, depending on the political persuasion of those involved, if the driver will be described as a misguided protestor blinded with rage by something President Trump has tweeted.


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