London Bridge Attack Could Have Been Avoided Entirely, Here's What Went Wrong

The Black Friday attack on the London Bridge in England sent a shock throughout the world. It was indeed a horrible situation and thankfully the number of casualties was minimized by a lot of people's heroic actions

But there isn't just one reason why this was a horrible incident, there are actually numerous reasons.

The first reason is obvious, any time someone is attacked for killed as a result of a violent individual, that alone is horrible. But it's the other two reasons that I'm going to mention which gets my blood boiling.

The second reason is how London has allowed the Muslim culture and Sharia law to come into the city. Most people are just completely ignorant as to what the Qu'ran teaches in their law. As the Muslim population grows and more Muslims come into positions of political power, Sharia law will become more interwoven and ultimately a caliphate will be formed.

The third and most worrying reason is that this attack could have been completely been prevented had authorities done the right thing the first time. The man was a Muslim extremist who had already been to jail for Islamic-related terrorism.

According to RT,

The man behind the London Bridge stabbing rampage had spent time in jail for an “Islamist terrorism-related offence,” UK newspapers reported, as PM Boris Johnson has called for stricter jail terms for offenders.

The attacker was released from prison on probation, about a year ago, agreeing to wear an electronic monitoring tag as part of his bail terms, the Times and Sky News reported independently, citing government sources. The Ministry of Justice has ordered a review of his case, but authorities are yet to reveal his identity or share details of the crime he served time for.

Moments before the attack, in an ironic twist of events, he was thought to be due to share his story of “prisoner rehabilitation” at an event sponsored by Cambridge University. One bystander said that other ex-convicts attending the event rushed to restrain the assailant, one of them brandishing a narwhal tusk he pulled off the wall of the venue.

David Vance had tweeted,

"This is unbelievable. The Jihadi shot dead on #LondonBridge was not only a convicted terrorist who had been released on a tag but he was a guest of a Cambridge University sponsored conference in London today on “prisoner rehabilitation”. You just couldn’t make this stuff up! 😱"