LOL! Kirby Says Biden Takes Border Security ‘Very Seriously’

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby appeared on Fox News and laughably claimed that President Joe Biden takes border security “very seriously.”

Let’s all laugh along.

Anchor Martha MaCallum began by asking, “There’s some people that look at what’s going on in Ukraine and the amount of resources that are going there, and they say ‘So how is it that we’re so concerned about their border and not our southern border?'”

Kirby replied, “Biden takes border security very seriously and he understand the importance of proper immigration policies and procedures in place to make the border work the way it’s supposed to work in terms of our own national security.”

He continued, “We have about 2,500 troops, mostly national guardsman, are down there right now to help take the burden off the border patrol individuals so they can do the kinds of actual work to monitor the migrant activity the best they can.”

Check it out: