LOL! Eric Holder Says Liz Cheney Has Guts – 'Doing a Service to this Nation’

On Wednesday, former Attorney General Eric Holder appeared on MSNBC and declared that Rep. Liz Cheney has “guts." He added that she is doing the nation a service with her work on the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

What a joke!

Cheney said during a recent congressional hearing, “Mr. Meadows’ testimony will bear on another key question before this committee, Donald Trump, through action or inaction, corruptly seek to obstruct or impede Congress’ official proceedings to count electoral votes?”

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said, “The question for you, if you’re following the evidence and you want to stay as close to the moment of the alleged crimes, how important are the voices of people like Liz Cheney who has the courage to do it in public and in full view and people like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell don’t?”

Holder replied, “I think it’s extremely important to the extent that we are going to keep the amount of division that a potential indictment would actually generate. Having leaders of the party do the responsible thing, what they know in their heart to be the right thing, would go a long way to keeping the nation together.”

He added, “And boy, I tell you, the words of Liz Cheney and I don’t share a world view and agree on many issues, but she’s got guts. She’s got guts. She is doing a service to this nation the likes of which I’ve not seen for some time. Adam Kinzinger, who is right there with her, these are people who need to be. Again, I don’t share political views with them, but I have to give them their due, and there need to be more people like them.”