Kim Jong Un's Sister Erases All Progress Between Korea and US

It should come as no surprise that the Hermit Kingdom has reneged on its promise to the United States after talks with President Trump regarding reducing their nuclear operations.

Honestly, we still don't know if Kim Jong Un is still alive or a vegetable or if he's just fully alive and well.

Last week, a statement was released by Kim Jong Un’s sister, which suggested that the Communist nation is not interested in any additional arms talks.

Kim Yo Jong’s statement makes it clear North Korea has no interest in disarmament, but rather concessions from the U.S. with next to nothing in return.

She said that a summit—or even the continuation of talks between midlevel diplomats—would happen only if the U.S. made ‘major changes’ in its ‘attitude’ and ended its ‘hostile policy’ toward North Korea.

To North Korea, as its diplomats have long made clear, ending America’s ‘hostile policy’ would mean withdrawing all U.S. troops and nuclear-capable forces—in other words, pretty much all air and naval forces—from northeast Asia, including South Korea and Japan. (Some have interpreted the phrase to include almost all U.S. nuclear weapons, even the missiles and bombers based in the United States, since they have the range to hit North Korea.) In short, the condition is a nonstarter, and North Koreans are invoking it as a way to provoke cleavages between Washington and its allies in the region.”

The official title for the sister of North Korea’s leader is First Vice Director of the Workers’ Party of Korea’s Central Committee. However, she is sometimes called Dear Sister—a name reminiscent of Orwell’s Big Brother. The policies espoused by both the Dear Sister and her brother Kim Jong Un seem straight out of a dystopian universe as well.

However, it is unclear what exactly to make of Kim Yo Jong’s statements. In her press statement, she says,

“The U.S. may still worry about receiving a Christmas gift on the eve of the presidential elections, which it hasn’t received so far.

“I consider that it totally depends on how the U.S. behaves itself whether or not it will bump into such a troublesome problem and undergo the pain and suffering.”

Who knows what awaits us is Kim Yo Jong is the next in command?

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