Kid Rock to Continue Paying Restaurant Employees 'Indefinitely' During Pandemic

Despite being shut down, recording artist Kid Rock and his business partner Steve Smith have continued payments to employees at their Nashville restaurants.

The rocker tweeted congratulations to his business partner for helping him make sure their employees are getting paid despite the spread of the coronavirus. In the tweet, Kid Rock linked to an article from WKRN with the title “Steve Smith continues to pay employees throughout Broadway shutdown.”

Very proud of my Big Ass Honky Tonk partner Steve Smith. Even more proud of all our employees! I know we are all doing what we can, love is alive. -Kid Rock

Smith owns several Nashville establishments, including Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk & Rock ‘n’ Roll Steakhouse. He has made a pledge to keep paying employees "indefinitely." On Friday the third round of checks since the shut down went out.

Kid Rock and Smith opened the Nashville bar in 2018.

Initially, Smith resisted closing the bar. Eventually, he gave in and complied with a statewide order that all bars should be closed.

With the country shutting down through April, many businesses will face economic challenges like this one. Not all bar owners will be able to foot the bill of paying their employees.

It's a very trying time for the world. Everyone stay safe out there.

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