Kentucky Man Was Refused Custom License Plate Due to Vulgar Phrase…So He Sued and WON

The Clash once said that they fought the law and the law won. Well, that's not the case for a man in Kentucky who fought the law and came out on top.

Bennie Hart wanted a custom license plate for his vehicle that said "IM GOD" but the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet shot down his request citing that it violated their rule against vulgar and obscene phrases.

According to The Blaze,

A man fought the state for the right to call himself "God" on his license plate, and he won in court.

Bennie Hart says he's a constitutional activist and that he was standing up against the government to protect his rights.

"I tell people, 'Stand up.' The government will run all over you if you let them. You know if you roll over and play dead, they'll roll over you," said Hart.

The right he defended was his ability to declare "I'm God" on his license plate.

"I've been an atheist since I was 15," said Hart. "I can prove I'm God. You can't prove that I'm not. I've got a $100 bill I've carried for 20 years for the first person that can prove I'm not God, and I still got it."

Hart had the theologically questionable message on his license plate for 12 years before he moved to Northern Kentucky and had it rejected by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Hart wound up suing the state of Kentucky and actually won the lawsuit and had some help from the ACLU and Freedom from Religion Foundation and was awarded a payout of $150,000.

"I think the Constitution is the most sacred thing that's ever been written. It guarantees your right to religion, speech, your right to assemble," said Hart. "It's just a beautiful document."

While I hate his license plate and the blasphemy that is on it, I do believe he is Constitutionally permitted to have such a license plate. That's not going to help him though on the day of judgment.

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