Kamala Harris Met By Trump Supporters in Surprise Trip to Miami (VIDEO)

Supporters for Joe Biden is very slim…don't let the media fool you. He has spent most of the year hiding in his basement.

But it's not only Biden who has been hiding, his supporters seem to be hiding lately as well.

At every campaign event from President Trump, we're constantly seeing supporters show up. But we'renot seeing this with the former Vice President.

I believe that's because there mostly aren't many. There are Democrats, but there aren't many supporters of the man himself.

Last week, Biden managed to leave his basement and went to Michigan for a campaign event (if you can call it that. But when he arrived at the "event" he was greeted not by his supporters, but by Trump supporters.

The Trump supporters were waving Trump 2020 flags and chanting, "Four more years!" It was a great show of patriotism.

I'll also add that there aren't many who are supportive of his choice of running mate, Kamala Harris.

Harris recently made a surprise stop in Miami and it became painfully clear to her, as it already is with Biden, that the Hispanic voters in Florida do not support the Biden and Harris ticket.

You have to think that many of these people come from Cuba or other South American countries in which socialism and communism reigned. They've seen the oppression first and they know that America is much better off, which is why people flee to come here.

How often do we see people fleeing the United States and going to a socialist country? When was the last time you heard of someone volunteering to go live in Venezuela?

I actually know a family who came from Venezuela and they told me about how bad it was there and that crime runs rampant as a result.

For example, if you've ever been in a neighborhood that is under construction by a builder, you'll often see pallets of bricks sitting out by the house under construction. They told me in Venezuela that would never happen. Those bricks would be gone immediately if they were left alone.

But when Harris go to Miami, she saw the streets lined with "Latinos for Trump" with signs saying "No Communista. No Socialista."

What's even better is that there are some really good pro-Trump ads running for Latinos. Just take a look at this one below:

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