Joe Rogan Makes Hilarious Yet Spot-On Analysis of Jen Psaki

Despite leaning left politically, Joe Rogan drives the left insane with his podcast. You can count White House press secretary Jen Psaki among those on the left who are annoyed by Joe Rogan.

During an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, with Yannis Pappas guest starring, Rogan had an incredibly funny but accurate depiction of the White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

Rogan labeled her as a teacher would look at as "Oh, not this lady!" If she were a substitute teacher, "Ahhh, it's Mrs. Psaki! Oh great!" with a very sarcastic tone.

The massively successful podcaster went on to talk about how everything Psaki said is "bullsh*t." It's not about "facts or being accurate" but instead the focus is on "just getting out of there.

Check it out:

Rogan pointed out the lie by Psaki when she said the vaccines were "FDA approved." She said it "just to sound good enough to get out of there with a W."

Calling it a W is a very generous assessment.

The video then went on to play clips of Psaki and President Joe Biden making contradicting statements about the vaccine.

Joe Rogan drives the left absolutely insane for the same reasons he is so popular. He speaks his mind and makes honest assessments about politics, pop culture, sports and anything else that comes to mind.