Ivanka Trump Finally Makes It Official! She's Now One of Us!

Ivanka Trump, who is a brilliant woman, has finally made a decision which she should have made long ago. It's been there for some time now, but now it is official. She's one of us…she's a Republican.

I understand that this may come as a surprise to many people because she's been working in the White House under her father and has been pushing a conservative agenda. So how is she just now a Republican?

Well, Ivanka has actually been a lifelong Democrat. In the past, she has even advocated for Democratic policies and was registered as a Democrat in New York.

She's one of us now though. She's on the right side of history.

Of course, she's been with us all along, it's just on paper now.

Ivanka said, “For us not to come together as a nation and celebrate America’s success is not forgivable. And I think that’s why the viewers who were watching today and realizing and celebrating alongside the president, alongside the rest of this country, what is happening. Because we have completely changed the trajectory of this country.”

“And the president is unabashed in being excited about it and celebrating it and just being a cheerleader for American excellence.”

According to The Daily Wire:

“What motivates this president and what motivates all of us who work for him is the desire to uplift all Americans, which is why it was so important to start at the beginning of the speech talking about how all Americans are benefiting from these policies,” Ivanka said of her father’s State of the Union Speech. “Especially blue-collar Americans and those who have been left behind.”

The Times reporters noted that Ivanka’s online “persona” has became more aggressive since the impeachment proceedings against her father began.

“This factional fever and incoherent, ill-conceived process has finally ended and the President has rightfully been acquitted,” the First Daughter tweeted when the Senate impeachment trial came to a close. “POTUS has accomplished so much and is just getting started. The best is yet to come!”

Photo Credit: Marc Nozell