IT’S OFFICIAL: Democrats Now Have All The Votes They Need

After the great and marvelous Schiff Show, it's time for the House of Representatives to do what they've always intended to do, and that is to vote to impeach President Trump.

President Trump all but certain that the House will officially vote to impeach Trump on Wednesday.

According to the WSJ,

By Monday afternoon, at least 18 from the 31 Democratic-held districts that Mr. Trump won in the 2016 presidential race had announced they would support the abuse-of-power and obstruction of Congress charges, according to a Wall Street Journal survey, with two saying they are opposed.

In other words, given the recent surge over the weekend into early this week of announcements of support for Articles of Impeachment from a number of vulnerable House Democrats who had been holding out until now, the Democrats have crossed the threshold necessary to impeach the president–barring any unforeseen surprises.

The fact that Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan–an independent who left the GOP over his impeachment support–is going to vote for impeachment, and that there are four vacancies in the House, the Democrats need 216 votes at a minimum to pass Articles of Impeachment, assuming all House members are present and voting. That also means that if 19 total Democrats from these districts that President Trump won in 2016–of which there are 31–were to join all Republicans to vote against Articles of Impeachment, it would fail on the House floor.

The vote is essentially going to be down party lines. We do know of at least two Democrats that will be voting against impeachment,  Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) and Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey have both expressed where they stand.

One possible scenario was that some of the Trump won districts would vote against impeachment, but now with 18 of them joining ranks with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s push for impeachment and only 11 remaining, it's inevitable that President Trump will be impeached by the House on Wednesday.