It Appears Pelosi Just Waved The White Flag And Will Stop Holding America Hostage

The American people have become furious with the Democrats because they have been playing games and failing to get through negotiations to pass and bills that will assist the nation in this time of crisis.

After a ton of bickering, it finally looks like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are finally ready to stop holding Americans hostage and pass the legislation that we need to move this country in the right direction.

Nancy Pelosi, just a day after going full Leroy Jenkins on the negotiations over the Wuhan virus relief bill, is now signaling that the House will pass whatever the Senate sends them. This follows Chuck Schumer reversing course last night and announcing he expects a deal done today as well.

That’s Pelosi looking for cover. There was no “big change” because there was already oversight. The Democrat talking points were false.

I suspect that Pelosi’s machinations Sunday and yesterday were a bone being thrown to her mostly far-left caucus. That should not be taken as a defense of Pelosi herself, as she’s just as crazy and wanting of all the garbage she proposed as anyone else, but she probably realizes this is going to kill her party.

New polling has shown good marks for the President’s handling of the crisis and even the mainstream media have had a hard time spinning the Democrat obstruction efforts (though the Times tried their best).

If this bill doesn't get passed within the next 24 hours, this country is going to disintegrate. Employers are going to start laying off workers, Americans are going to continue to lose their jobs, their homes, their livelihood, and much more.

There really is so much at stake right now that this country desperately needs assistance in order to weather this storm or it's going to destroy our society.


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