Is She The Hottest Teacher In The World? She Broke The Internet With This Video

I can remember my days back in school. It seemed like I was never going to get out of school when I was a kid. Now that I’m older and I’ve been out of school for much longer than I was ever in school, it seems like it was all just a blur.

One thing I can still remember though is every single teacher I ever had. I was fortunate enough to have a couple teachers who were relatively attractive, but a math teacher who recently went viral puts every one of my teachers to shame.

A group of students made a video of her that ended up going viral. People couldn’t believe how attractive she was, and then to be a teacher on top of that. Everyone started calling her the most attractive teacher ever.

Math isn’t always the easiest subject, but have Oksana Neveselaya as your teacher and it just got harder (zing). Oksana is a math teacher from Minsk, Belarus. A video taken by a student was uploaded to Youtube (video below) and it quickly grabbed the attention of the internet. She is now being dubbed ‘the world’s hottest math teacher’ and I’m not arguing. See more of Oksana on her Instagram. (Chive)

The kids in this school were fortunate enough to have this astonishing beauty as their teacher. She is a young, modern, confident, and beautiful woman and her students love spending time with her. Okay, but there are millions of beautiful women in the world. So why does this teacher stand out?


The video became viral almost instantly and people all around the world found out about this stunning math teacher. Maybe this is the way to get kids to learn math? Maybe some kids will decide to study math, inspired by the beautiful teacher?

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