INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Antifa Punk Gets OWNED After Opening The Wrong Man's Car Door

Here is a very satisfying moment if I've ever seen one amidst this myriad of depressing videos we constantly see right now from the mainstream media.

This past weekend there was a group of Antifa punks who decided to gather near the Justice Center in Portland, Oregon.

In the video you can see a man in a dark SUV park in the street, minding his business when one Antifa member decided to harass him and forcibly open his vehicle door- that's when the man ruined his world by sweeping his legs right out from under his feet and a tactical takedown, slamming him to the ground.

The man then yells at the Antifa member, “Don’t you EVER, EVER come into my vehicle again! Do you understand me?!”

As the other suddenly frightened members of the group, identified as Antifa, scurried away, one calling out from a safe distance, “Well, get the f*** out of here,” the driver continued yelling at the supine man, “Do you understand me? Get up!”

The supine man protested, “I wasn’t trying to do anything.”

The driver was having none of it, yelling, “Get up!”

As one Antifa member asks 'what was that about', the whole group suddenly panics because the motorist has arrows in his car. You can hear him in the video shout for more Antifa members to come down there while another calls the police. It's interesting how these Antifa people suddenly become a group of 'Karens' the moment they were met with someone who isn't afraid of them.

Ironically, these 'activists' are supposedly there to protest on the behalf of BlackLivesMatters and decided to harass an innocent black man who wanted no part of the event. But we already know that these protests are no longer about black lives. It's all a big front to try and push the radical left's agenda.


One twitter user also questioned why the cowardly group started to panic over arrows:

"So… They're suddenly upset he has arrows in his car, did I hear that right? Who cares? Why does he not have the right to have arrows? Is the 2nd Amendment going to be taken back to a time before the musket even? To a point where even arrows aren't allowed?"

The Daily Wire

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