Ilhan Omar Attacks Project Veritas After Exposing Her Voter Fraud Scheme

The most treasonous woman in Congress, Rep. Ilhan Omar was recently exposed in a scheme of ballot harvesting which is taking place in her district in Minnesota.

In a recent video released by Project Veritas, we learned just how deep this scheme goes to rig elections, including the one this coming November.

In case you missed the report on it last week, here’s a preview of the video.

Omar responded by saying, “These people are quite disgusting. Really to be just frank. The Republican party in Minnesota has been targeting Somali refugees for as long as I can remember.”

She added, “I am just a manifestation for their hate again Somalia refugees.”

Omar goes on to mention that she had over 100,000 votes for her in the last election. She must be stupid because this only goes to prove that something is suspicious about that.

Here’s how you know that she’s lying in this case. What is she doing in the video? She’s deflecting. Omar is shifting the issue to being about the people who are exposing her and her fraud.

Let me give you a non-political example:

Let’s say that a man’s wife was seen by the man’s friend at a restaurant with another man and that he saw them kissing. But not only did he see them kissing, he actually got it on video. The man then goes and tells his friends that his wife is cheating on him and then proceeds to show him the video.

When the wife gets home, he confronts her by telling her that his friend saw them and that he even saw the video of it himself.

Her response is, “He is disgusting. He’s been trying to break us up for a long time because he’s never liked me. Frankly, I’m appalled that he would even say that.”

She never actually addresses the incident. She shifts the focus to the “underhanded” tricks that his friend has pulled.

This is exactly what Ilhan Omar is doing. If it was a misunderstanding, then explain it away. But she knows there is no explaining it away, just as the wife couldn’t explain away why she was out to eat with another man and kissed him.

Don’t let her fool you with fancy words or distracting you from the story. Pay attention. Is she actually answering the question that is being answered? If not, why not?

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