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Hunter Biden Told the Judge He Was Broke, Then Was Seen Driving This Car

Hunter Biden just can not catch a break, or that’s what he wants you to believe anyway.

He wants you to think that he’s poor and down on his luck and just miserable overall. He’s even been fighting with the court over his financial records and how much he’ll have to pay in child support for the child he has with the stripper.

You’ll remember that the judge issued Biden to disclose his bank statements so she could determine how much child support he will be paying monthly.

According to The Examiner,

Amid a court battle with the mother of one of his soon-to-be five children, Hunter Biden has been cruising around Beverly Hills in a Porsche boasting a six-figure price tag.

Photos obtained by the New York Post show Biden, son of White House hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden, with his wife Melissa at the Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria next to a Porsche Panamera GTS, which has a starting price of $129,300.

The Bidens enjoyed lunch at the southern California hotel, where the two restaurants on the premises feature cuisine by celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The weekend brunch is listed at costing $89 per person.

The photos were snapped while Hunter Biden faces a court order to disclose his financial information in a paternity lawsuit filed by his former lover, Lunden Alexis Roberts of Arkansas. The Washington Examiner revealed that Biden and his wife are currently renting a $3.8 million designer home in Hollywood Hills for $12,000 a month.

This guy is a joke. Who does he actually think that he’s fooling? Himself, that’s for sure.

I’ll tell you one thing, if you live in a $3.8 million house that you’re renting for $12,000/month, drive a $129,000 car, and was making $80,000/month with Burisma, I’m positive that you’re not broke.

I think the rich use a different definition for the word broke than what we do.

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