Hobby Lobby Shows Pro-Trump Display, Liberals Freak Out and Threaten Boycott

Hobby Lobby is facing some serious backlash after a pro-Trump messaged appeared at one of their stores in the United States.

There were decorative letters inside of a Hobby Lobby store which were rearranged to say "USA Vote Trump."

While Hobby Lobby hasn't confirmed whether or not they put the message up, but it's pretty normal for customers to take the letters and rearrange them to something they prefer.

Regardless, Kari Brekke is triggered by the sight of the words USA Vote Trump. "I'm not a fan of Hobby Lobby. I would never shop there," Brekke told Business Insider. "I'm a Democrat. I hate the company."

This isn't the first time Hobby Lobby has been targeted by lefties. Their conservative Christian SEO, David Green, once told a shopper they don't carry Jewish holiday products because "doesn't cater to your people." This shows you that he doesn't bow down to the mob. He has yet to rush out and apologize for the USA Vote Trump message in one of his stores and if you're waiting for him to do so, you may be waiting for a while.

You see, there are still a few companies left out there with a little bit of spine. Count Hobby Lobby among them.

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