Here Are The 4 Most Likely Women Biden Will Choose As His Running Mate

As of right now, Joe Biden is looking to be the most likely candidate to win the nomination for Democrats to run for president in 2020.

He has been ahead in almost all of the polls so far, though Elizabeth Warren is not far behind. There is still a chance that she'll get the nod instead of Biden, especially since he does or says something stupid every single week. Not to mention the issue with Ukraine.

With our current PC culture, it is almost a guarantee that if Biden gets the nomination that he'll practically be forced by his own party to choose a woman running mate, otherwise he'll probably be seen as a sexist for not choosing a woman. But isn't it the same if he does choose a woman? I doubt they're going to say he's sexist for not choosing a man, but why? They have no ground to stand on there.

Last week, Biden boasted on his lead in the polls,

“I am the clear frontrunner in the party. I’m ahead on the national average of all the polls by 7% to 8%. But it’s a long way to go, a long way to go. And the other reason is that, look, whomever is the nominee, it’s not going to be enough just to beat Donald Trump. You’ve got to be able to win states like this, you’ve got to be able to be value-added to make sure we pick up Senate seats and House seats. So in every one of these polls in these states, that I find myself — again, I’m not counting on the polls, but the fact is that I’m ahead in every one of the toss-up states.”

Creepy Uncle Joe is going to have to appeal to women more, so here are 4 options that have been mentioned who could potentially fill that role for him.

Stacey Abrams. She lost her election in Georgia but refuses to own up to it. She's still convinced that she won. I'm not sure how this would help Biden.

Sally Yates, who is the former Assistant Attorney General. She was fired by President Trump after she refused to enforce Trump's travel ban.

The other two names that have been floating around are Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, both Senators from New Hampshire.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore