Hail King Donald? MSNBC Host Joy Reid Makes RIDICULOUS Claim About Trump and the Coronavirus

Liberal say the dumbest things. They should make a tv show out of that just like they did with "Kids Say the Darndest Things". There would be an endless supply of material to use especially from the lies that the media tells.

Joy Reid from MSNBC isn't exactly known for her journalism skills. She recently went on a tangent where she said the President is using the coronavirus as part of his plan to achieve a monarchy in America and become king.

How dumb can a person really get?

Reid said that when President Trump talked about quarantining entire states like New York, it was his power play to become monarch.

“Now, in this show yesterday, constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe of Harvard University confirmed what we suspected all along: that Cuomo was right, and Trump had no constitutional authority to claim he could quarantine whole states. And right on cue, Trump almost immediately backed down, tweeting that he has advised the CDC to issue a travel warning, but that he determined a quarantine will, quote, not be necessary. Not necessary? Man, try not legally possible! But go off, Apprentice guy—go off!”

“Of course, it’s hardly news that Trump has always had designs on reigning as a monarch with unlimited power, rather than serving as a mere president in a democracy. But with the country facing an unprecedented public health crisis, what lengths might he, backed by an Attorney General whose writings and actions point to a fundamental belief in an all-powerful presidency—at least when the would-be king is a Republican—what lengths might Trump go to, to expand his power under the guise of national security?”

It's so amazing to me how liberals are so willing to twist every single thing that the President does or says in order to make him look bad. Little do they realize, they're only helping him.

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